Gardens are no longer just utilitarian places used for growing things and for pottering around. These are fast becoming a place of refuge from the everyday hustle and bustle that the modern man has to endure. A garden is your very own piece of escapism; it is only natural that these areas which were considered a luxury sometime back are fast becoming the need of today. A large fountain if added to a garden can immensely increase its relaxing capabilities; the sound of water flowing incessantly can really cool and unwind the most restless of minds.

Installing a large fountain in your garden might seem like a daunting task, however the fountains that are available in the market today are largely self contained. What's more, they are not high maintenance either; instead, once you have mounted, filled in water and plugged them in there is not much left for you to do but sit back and enjoy.  

If you are of the opinion that one large fountain is pretty much like another large fountain then you are in for a shock. The process of choosing the right fountain that really works for you is by no means a simple one. Large fountains are available in various materials, finishes and designs. Quite a few of them come with internal lighting which makes them lovely to look at after it gets dark. The scope of customizing a large fountain to suit your tastes is immense. Everything right from the patina to the scrawl work on the fountain can be individualized. These come in various shapes some classy or contemporary while a few funky designs are tailor made for the more adventurous souls out there.

Cast stone fountains are a great choice when opting for a large fountain in your garden. The material is able to bear the elements and withstand the test of time. Cast stone fountains are especially suited for places with extreme weather conditions as they can withstand both immense heat and extreme cold. These are highly durable fountains that generally last for years and are passed down from generation to generation.  

Cast stone fountains are elegant fountains that can impart a very stately appearance to your garden. The elegant designs are can be further suited to your tastes as cast stone is capable of being decorated without it loosing its smooth finish. Hence, intricate designs and scrawl work can be done on cast stone fountains which further imparts them a very classic look that ages well. There are other materials like sandstone and wood which can also be used for large garden fountains. The Old world charm that can be achieved with cast stone fountains is incomparable. However, for people with more contemporary tastes there is no dearth of modern looking fountains in the market. The patina of these fountains can be chosen by the customer based on his likes. If you are looking for a peaceful retreat with gurgling water right at your doorstep then large fountains are the way to go.

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